Working with Skills2Learn

How Skills2Learn Work

Deciding upon a company to work with is probably the biggest choice you will need to make when starting out on a project. Regardless of what the project is, how big it could be for you and how much money you have to spend, you will find yourself asking the following questions over and over again.

CONFIDENCE - How do I know we’ll get along and get the job done?

With many years of experience of developing e-learning and multimedia solutions, the Skills2Learn team have a wealth of experience in getting jobs done, on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on being able to work with anyone. Our designers, developers, 3D modellers, project managers and instructional designers have ideas, creativity and dedication running through their veins and are always eager for a new challenge. Even if you just fancy a chat to discuss an idea or a possible project, one of the team is always on hand. We’ll even provide tea and biscuits!

TRUST – Are they going to look out for my needs or just their own?

The relationship between you and us is vitally important. That’s why we do everything in our power to create and maintain a great working partnership. We believe that the Skills2Learn methodology ensures that our service from the initial briefing, the conceptualising, design, production and testing stages to delivery and maintenance is nothing less than first class. By working closely together, both parties are always aware of what is required from each other and are kept up-to-date at all times. We want you to be a partner rather than just a customer.

Elearning Confidence
Elearning Trust

KNOWLEDGE - I don’t know what I want so how will they know?

Listening and analysing, it’s something we are quite good at. Rather than bombarding you with solutions, we take the time to listen to everything you have to say, even if it may not be connected with the original starting point. Using our experience and know-how we can then try and come up with a solution or possibly solutions that will fit your requirements using technology or learning methods that will best suit the ethos of your company. Using this process not only introduces you to the world of e-learning possibilities but it allows us to show you what can be achieved.

UNIQUENESS - What can they offer me and how do I know if it’s any good?

Here at Skills2Learn we offer you the whole solution from start to finish. Whether you require Interactive E-Learning; Virtual Reality Simulation; Game-Based Environments; Assessment & Evaluation; Creative Solutions; Training Needs Analysis; Instructional Design; Student Packs and Training Manuals or Certified Courses, we can do it. Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at some of the awards Skills2Learn have won.

Elearning Experience
Elearning Value

VALUE - How much does e-learning cost, am I going to get value for money?

Trying to estimate the cost of e-learning, virtual reality or multimedia programmes can be very difficult. Like any other project in any other industry, when creating a project from scratch the cost depends on a number of factors for example:

  • Type of solution needed
  • Quantity of information
  • Level of interaction
  • Availability of resources (yours and ours)

At Skills2Learn we listen to your requirements and perform a complete training needs analysis before deciding on a solution or possible solutions with a cost scale depending on your budget. We cater for all levels and design our solutions in a scalable way so they can be added to at a later date. You can rest assured that Skills2Learns solutions deliver high quality results at competitive prices.

OPENNESS - Any other questions or worries let us know.

We know the position you’re in when trying to choose a supplier; we face the same questions and anxieties when choosing ours. Hopefully the information above and throughout this website has cast any doubts aside but if you do have any further questions then please get in touch. Skills2Learn are dedicated to providing innovative e-learning solutions that give value for money.