Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – A Brave New World of Learning and Training

Training your workforce or students today can pose a number of challenges. Cost expenses, equipment shortages, dangerous situations, people’s motivation to learn are all factors hindering good training.

Does your training…

  • Fail to motivate learners?
  • Leave learners confused and lacking confidence?
  • Test competency?
  • Deal with customer issues?
  • Struggle to re-create realistic training environments?
  • Involve dangerous or impossible to re-create situations?
  • Involve hazardous substances?
  • Have high training costs (providing training, travel costs, student expenses)
  • Use expensive equipment?
  • Require lots of resources such as staff and equipment?

If any of the questions above affect you then Skills2Learns virtual reality may be the solution for you.

Virtual Reality LearningVirtual Reality Interaction

Skills2Learn use its own award winning technology to create virtual reality simulation solutions that can be used for almost any subject matter. Using our virtual reality allows situations and experiences to be created, viewed and interacted with, all without leaving the confines of your computer screen. It is a perfect step between theoretical and practical learning.

The possibilities of 3D and virtual reality are endless from environments, buildings, equipment to people. Look at our Virtual Reality solutions to see the potential of virtual reality, how it could help you and the benefits virtual reality could bring to you and your organisation. Once you’ve seen the possibilities, contact Skills2Learn and let us help you bring your ideas to life.