Virtual Reality

3D Visualisation

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a great product or concept but have struggled to convey this through words, pictures and sketches? You may have a plan of a building or new product that needs to be brought to life so you can really visualise its true worth and potential.

Our 3D developers use their modelling and design skills to turn your products, plans or designs into a computer generated model. The choice of what to do next is up to you. We can produce high quality rendered images, produce an animation of the model or for extra interactivity we could turn your object into an engaging 3D environment which can be manipulated, walked around or interacted with.

Virtual Product Development and Support

Training a large number of people on how to use a new product or how to repair a piece of machinery can be a time consuming and expensive process. You may have to gather people from all over the country for specific training; the equipment to be trained on is very expensive and you may only be able to train one person at a time.

Using our 3D modelling skills and virtual reality techniques it is possible for us to re-create your product, piece of equipment or machinery down to the very last detail and not just on the outside, our developers can accurately create the internal workings of complex objects.

Virtual Reality ProductsProduct Visualisation

Fed up with Instructions? – Not with our Manuals!

One of our projects required a technical manual for a gas boiler, so rather than creating a standard text based document we modelled the boiler and its internal components in 3D and added huge levels of interactivity and animation. You can  move around the boiler, take it to pieces and be shown how to assemble and disassemble it. A truly interactive guide where you can actually see what is going on.

Ideal for Repair and Maintenance

This virtual product support tool is an ideal solution for engineers, installation or repair workers, even customer support staff. It allows an unlimited amount of people to learn about your product without having to access the real thing which could be expensive or in high demand. It can also be used as an on-the-job tool for reference whilst out in the field, procedures can be reviewed, parts identified and potentially even ordered.

Our virtual product support tool is designed to increase your staffs knowledge and understanding of your products but also to make their day to day jobs that little bit easier and straight-forward. Available as a standalone programme or for even more benefits try combining it with Skills2Learn e-learning to give your staff a greater knowledge of the product and how it can be best utilised.

Virtual Reality SupportVirtual Reality Manuals

Uses of 3D Visualisation

The possibilities of using 3D are endless, try to visualise your concepts and products in stunning 3D and being able to send these out to clients and customers around the world.

Our 3D skills can be used for:

  • Product visuals and support
  • Technical manuals
  • Architecture
  • Environments
  • Reconstruction
  • Still images or animation

If you want your products to be taken to a new dimension, then contact Skills2Learn for more information.