Benefits Of Virtual Reality

The Benefits of Virtual Reality and 3D Simulation

Using 3D and virtual reality environments as part of your training methodology allows your students or workforce to experience an entirely new side of training. This type of technology breathes life back into traditional computer based learning and re-awakens the enthusiasm in users who are used to this technology in other circles outside of training. From both a trainer and trainee point of view, Skills2Learns virtual reality technology can bring the following benefits to you.

Theory and Practical

To give a full training experience you could combine these virtual reality scenarios with the Skills2Learn e-learning solution. Use e-learning to impart the theoretical understanding and knowledge then virtual reality scenarios to test the information learned in a life-like situation to give your users the complete package. The virtual reality enables you to view the competency of your learners, see the decisions they make and how they then react to the consequences.

Benefits of Virtual RealityAdvantages of Virtual Reality

Real-Life Situations

Skills2Learn’s virtual reality is used to create interactive scenarios which reflect real-life situations. Virtual reality e-learning can be used to simulate the way equipment responds; emulate the way machinery works or to replicate soft skills such as human actions and behaviour. Anything is possible; just let your imagination go wild!

Making Learning Fun and Interesting

As a child you watched, listened and played. You were intrigued by colours, shapes and sounds and the only way you found out how something worked was by playing and using it. Skills2Learn’s virtual reality simulations use these basic principles of learning to produce fun, compelling and memorable end results. We engage the user with breathtaking graphics, informative audio and interactive scenarios using our 3D virtual environments to give a sense of really being there.

Save on Cost

Do you have limited training resources, equipment that is scarce or expensive, too many people to train at one time? If some of these limitations apply to you then using virtual reality could be a perfect solution for your needs.

By modelling your equipment, possibly down to the last detail you could distribute a training programme to all your employees or learners that will allow them to interact with it, follow best practice procedures or carry out fault finding scenarios, all without having to access (and possibly damage) the real item.

Using virtual reality, Skills2Learn has helped many clients save money and materials such as copper piping and solder flux. Of course there’s no substitute for the real hands-on training but this solution goes a long way towards giving learners the knowledge and preparing them for a real life situation.

Practical Virtual RealityVirtual Reality Theory

Complex Situations Made Easy

Complicated pieces of equipment, processes or systems can be recreated using a number of techniques. This form of e-learning allows users to learn about mechanisms and processes that would be physically or logistically difficult to do so in other conditions.

A Safe Environment

There are some occasions when training your staff is expensive and it can sometimes be hazardous, with real risk of personal injury or damage to expensive equipment.

Skills2Learn develop highly interactive, virtual reality environments to help with these issues. By creating an environment which simulates a potentially harmful real-life situation or replicating a piece of dangerous equipment, Skills2Learn’s interactive scenarios remove these concerns and help the user gain a knowledge and understanding of the subject matter without being put into a costly or harmful environment.

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