Serious Games Learning

Learning through Play

Games based learning or Serious Games as it is also known uses computer game technology and ideas to create rich and engaging digital learning environments. In everyday life, millions of people use or escape into the digital worlds of computer games or social networks with ease and find a source of enjoyment and fulfilment. It is this experience combined with a serious educational agenda that Skills2Learn’s games based learning re-creates.

Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practical

Skills2Learn can create any environment, whether it’s a classroom, a hospital or an oil field. These environments are then populated with objects which the user can interact with. With set scenario objectives, users will have to navigate their way around the world, engage with objects, people and situations to find the best solution. At the end of the game, the learner is shown how well they have done and what they need to do next.

Serious Games Learning
Serious Games Interaction

Serious Games and E-Learning

These games based solutions can be used as a standalone programme but are usually combined with Skills2Learn’s e-learning technology, meaning the user can learn about the subject matter then put into practice this new-found knowledge. This is a great way for the user to show how much they have learnt and understood. It achieves a level of assessing a user’s knowledge and skills that traditional question assessments cannot.

Virtual Reality Assessments

Using virtual reality as an assessment solution allows learners to be left to their own devices in a controlled environment and provides a different method of evaluation. Learners are empowered with freedom and choice to carry out actions and decisions in order to resolve the task or problem at hand. Their actions and progress are marked against certain criteria which gives an overall outcome at the end of the assessment. By developing thought provoking scenarios you can specifically test users on certain aspects of underpinning knowledge. This constructive and detailed breakdown of actions taken during the assessment provides learners and teachers with a clear indication on not only the results of the scenarios but the thought process and underpinning knowledge of how that result was achieved.

Serious Games Assessment
Serious Games Knowledge

Uses of Games Based Learning and Virtual Reality Assessment

  • Health & Safety
  • Sales Techniques
  • Inspection and Awareness
  • Hazardous & Dangerous environments
  • Technical Training
  • Social Behaviours
  • Fault Finding and Rectification
  • Competency Evaluation

To see some examples of our serious games technology, have a look at the virtual reality case studies section. If you want to know more about games based learning and assessment and how it could be used for your business then contact Skills2Learn, we will be happy to help and show you what the possibilities are.