mBook Technology

mBook Technology

Skills2Learn has created its own engine to develop highly interactive “mBook” programmes and applications. It is the only tool available on multiplatform and browsers including PC, iPad and Android. The mBook provides a completely new approach to enabling not only traditional learning but also mobile learning. Gone are the days when a folder full of course content was required to support a course and assessment sheets are a thing of the past.

Learners are now able to access functionality that was previously only available via desktop applications anywhere and anytime – this literally puts ‘e-Practical’ assessments in the hands of learners who can now study and record assessments whilst mobile! All interactions with the mBook are traceable so organisations can ensure that accredited courses are fully completed, compliance standards are maintained and individual learner competence is evaluated.

The mBook has been designed to support not just learners undertaking a programme of education and training but also as a reference guide for qualified and experienced members of staff who might need to refresh their skills on a particular process or review how a component circuit is connected; the SCORM version will enable organisations to track these reference interactions and automatically identify training needs across the business.

The mBook could have the following multimedia features:

  • Interactive image which can be zoomed into
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Video (If provided in digital format)
  • Search option
  • Links to pre-defined web pages
  • Embedded Virtual Reality (for PC platform only)

Deploying mBook solutions enables organisations to:

  • Provide an immersive virtual experience on a mobile platform
  • Deliver post learning support
  • Reduce cost of supplying technical knowledge and guidance
  • Provide e-assessment in a mobile environment tracked by SCORM compliant Application
  • Deliver engaging and immersive content anytime and anywhere
  • Enable audio and video features to be supported to enhance the learning experience
  • Deliver content agnostic of the users platform

Photos of Skills2Learn's mBook Developments

iBook 01iBook 02

iBook 05iBook 06

iBook 07iBook 08

iBook 09iBook 10

Video of Skills2Learn's mBook Developments