Learning Management System (LMS)

Using a LMS will allow you to keep an eye on all aspects of your e-learning course including learner’s progress and results as well as a number of other reports. Skills2Learn can help you set up a system where you can track users progress, manage multiple courses and control access rights. If you already have a LMS then Skills2Learn will be able to develop content tailored to your exact requirements.


If you’re new to LMSs then don’t worry, we have plenty of experience in setting them up and delivering quality e-learning programmes on them. One system we use is called Moodle™, which is a popular open source LMS that has been widely used and proven in many commercial and educational organisations.

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Advantages of Learning Management Systems

  • No recurring licensing costs
  • Ability to fully administer users, managers and administrators
  • Ability to review user progress and grades for each module
  • Ability to fully manage course availability and enrolment.
  • Compliance with the industry standard SCORM specification.
  • Widely used system that has been tried and tested by thousands of organisations.
  • Built using reliable server technologies (PHP, MySQL) that drive a large number of Web sites, CMS and other information management systems.
  • Open source – no additional licensing costs.
  • Large support community ensuring any issues are minimised.

SCORM Compliant E-Learning

If you’re wondering what SCORM is then it’s a set of standards which developers should stick to whilst creating e-learning programmes. The aim of this is to allow the developed e-learning programmes to work on as many LMSs as possible, so whether you have your own or need to set one up, you can be assured that Skills2Learn develop e-learning programmes that comply with these standards and will be right there for any help or advice that your require.

If you want to know more about Learning Management Systems, SCORM or our e-learning then contact Skills2Learn or send us an enquiry.