Interactive E-learning

Developing Interactive E-Learning

Have you ever felt constrained by the methods of teaching, maybe you sometimes struggle to get information across and find users failing to understand key points?

Skills2Learn’s interactive e-learning is designed to inform and educate learners without the limitations and inadequacies of traditional learning methods. We keep our learners engaged and motivated with innovative solutions and do not follow other companies leads down the path of monotonous slideshow e-learning.

By working in partnership with your subject matter experts, our instructional designers extract the key learning objectives for the course and develop a programme to give your users all the information they need without being overloaded. Of course, delivering the content is just part of the process. By using visually rich 2D and 3D graphics, audio, video, text and interactive quizzes, Skills2Learn’s e-learning allows users to engage with the content and learn at their own pace and in their own time. This use of different media presents information in a way that makes learning stimulating and enjoyable. Our e-learning modules include the following:

Elearning EngagementElearning Information

User Engagement

Different forms of interactivity such as clickable items, drag-and-drop and slider interactions encourage users to uncover and engage with content. Users master objectives and key points along the way whilst being stimulated and encouraged by the programme to learn more. Users should feel comfortable about returning to the training resource at any time and be able to access it as a reference tool.


Instructional details, guidance notes and information are always presented in a clear and interesting way.


The style of graphics will complement that of the programme delivery. Graphics can be a mix of photographs, 2D illustrations and rendered 3D images.

Elearning SafetyInteractive Elearning

2D animations

Quality illustrations and graphics animated to show accurate processes.

3D animations

Stylised 3D animations bring objects or processes to life in a way that 2D graphics cannot. Our 3D designers are proven at producing animations where a high degree of accuracy is essential. We can show situations that are hard to visualize in real life.


Instructions, explanations, information or scenarios can be presented by “voice” to provide variety, or “sounds” to indicate actions. The use of audio as well as text and images increases the rate of learning and makes e-learning more effective.

Elearning ProgressElearning Scenarios


Video can be used where words and simple images cannot convey the exact message. Whether its a detailed machinery process or human emotion, video can be deployed as a potent tool. Skills2Learn can also offer Blue/Green screen video technology. Just like the movies, this technique allows us to capture video and super impose it within high quality 3D environments to achieve scenes that can’t be viewed in real life situations.

Monitoring progress

Our e-learning programmes can store the learner’s record into a specified media file to track individual progress with an audit trail, allowing us to integrate this data with your Learning Management System if desired. We can implement SCORM-compliant learning objects in all commercial applications.

Scenario Based E-Learning (e-practical)

In addition to the information based e-learning methods we also offer interactive scenario based e-learning. This form of e-learning places your learner in a particular situation where the choices they make affect the outcome. This method is a good way of analysing how much the user has learnt or areas where they need to improve. As part of a normal e-learning programme these interactive scenarios can use video clips or still 3D images to set the scene.

Really immerse your learner in a situation by using 3D Virtual Reality. Place them in an exact replica environment with identical equipment and situations. Skills2Learn are one of the few e-learning providers to offer this unique service, find out more about our virtual reality scenarios.

If you have an idea or a project which you think could benefit from interactive e-learning then contact Skills2Learn on +44 (0)1908 308350 or send us an enquiry and we will be in touch very soon.