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Skills2Learn’s Guide to E-Learning

Skills2Learn believe that the best e-learning solutions are developed when client and developer have a strong partnership and understanding of the requirements and technology. You can read more about the Skills2Learn e-learning methodology but in short, we endeavour to identify with the nature of your company and the goals it’s trying to achieve. By working closely together, our team of highly skilled developers will create training solutions that:

  • are intuitive and easy to use – we understand that in some cases there is still a reluctance to use technology as a form of learning so we make sure all our programmes provide clear and concise information and can be navigated easily.
  • deliver content – Our instructional designers work in harmony with your subject matter experts to deliver e-learning content that covers your organisations and end user’s needs. We aim to maximise the time, effort and money you put in to make sure the best results are delivered.
  • are delivered in the right way - whether it’s a CD, online, part of a Learning Management System (LMS) or as part of  blended training, we make sure that our solution fits with your company and your user’s needs.

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  • gives users an experience – If the user enjoys their learning experience, they are more likely to understand. We employ a number of techniques depending on the situation to make the training something to remember. From fully interactive screens of 2D/3D graphics audio and animation to interactive questions and engaging scenarios, our e-learning has to be something that the user wants to return time and time again, and gives them the confidence to use e-learning whenever they like.
  • provide objectives and feedback – for a true learning experience, users should know what they have learned and how well they have performed at the end of the training. Our solutions set out clear objectives, provide questions and tests to check knowledge and provide information on objectives achieved or areas to improve.
  • are cost effective - Good e-learning does of course cost money but by working together and analysing your needs closely, we can find a solution that fits your requirements within your budget.  It’s not always as much as you think!

Why not give Skills2Learn a call on +44 (0)1908 308350 or send us an e-learning enquiry to find out how we can help you with your e-learning needs.