Benefits of E-learning

The Benefits of E-Learning

When you’re looking at improving your training or learning experience you need to know that the route you take is going to obtain the best results. By using Skills2Learn’s e-learning solutions, you will be opening up a new world of possibilities to achieving your goals. Our e-learning has evolved over many years and provides the following benefits for you.

Captivate and Motivate Learners

By using detailed 2D/3D graphics, text, animation, video and audio, e-learning can capture the attention of the user and motivate them to learn more, achieve personal targets and focus on potential outcomes. If that’s not enough, we can combine our e-learning with our Virtual Reality solutions to really bring learning to life.

Instant Feedback Solution

At the end of each of our e-learning modules, users can undertake training assessments on the information they have just learnt. The feedback from this assessment is instantly available and can provide the user with information on where they need to re-study or congratulate them on passing the assessment. At the end of the e-learning programme we can provide an assessment with certificates that can be printed.

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The Technology

Our solutions use technology to create content rich programmes laden with high quality 2D & 3D graphics and animations, audio, video and well designed learning content. One of our latest projects has used ‘Blue/Green Screen’ video technology merged with 3D virtual environments to make a uniquely interactive training programme. This technique allows you to achieve things you never dreamed of doing using normal video technology.

E-learning On-Demand

Our e-learning allows the user to access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Whether it’s on a CD or on a website the user can access the e-learning whenever suits them best and they can go through it at their own pace.

E-Learning Diversity

We can develop e-learning that can be used for almost any subject. With your knowledge and our creative and technical skills anything is possible. You can use it for compliance training, product support, showing how equipment works; simulating dangerous situations or customer service training. The list is endless, whatever your idea we will find the solution.

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Skills2Learn’s programmes can be designed in accordance to the latest accessibility and disability standards including font size, colour change, screen zooming, turn audio on/off. The ability to create a virtual reality based learning can be limited by some accessibility functionality such as the ability to pause audio/animation or force visual colour themes.

Portable Solutions

Our e-learning can be delivered via a CD, website or LMS, users no longer need to travel to conferences, meetings or training days. This saves many man-hours in reduced travelling, cost of hotels and expenses amongst other things.

E-Learning Reduces Costs

As well as the savings from the portability of e-learning, it can also be used to save costs in other areas. E-learning can be used to teach best practice processes on jobs which use large quantities of or expensive materials. The user can practice their techniques and boost their confidence on a computer to a high enough standard before being allowed near the real materials. We have helped many organisations such as colleges, academies and engineers save thousands of pounds in resources, time and material wastage.

E-Learning and Blended Training

E-Learning can be used individually, one-to-one, or on a one-to-many basis. It can be used on its own or as part of a course in conjunction with more practical or hands-on training. Skills2Learn have the ability to create your e-learning but also help devise a blended training course through our links in the educational sector.

If you think your company could benefit from the any of the topics mentioned above then why not give Skills2Learn a call on +44 (0)1908 308350 or send us an e-learning enquiry to see how we can help.