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E-learning can be defined as: - The provision of informative and interactive learning content via on-demand electronic technologies.

Using technology to help people learn and train isn’t something new. The success of these learning tools however can vary. In our experience a large proportion of e-learning or people’s perception of e-learning tends to be a never ending slideshow with low quality visuals and little interaction. Has this been your experience or view of e-learning?

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Skills2Learn believe that e-learning technology should:

  • present informative, relative and appropriate information
  • be innovative, bringing new ideas to the fore
  • be an interactive and engaging user experience
  • be full of rich visuals and animation
  • allow users to explore, discover and return to
  • prepare and educate users for their job and allow them to perform better
  • give users achievable objectives, progress reports and working suggestions
  • allow better time management
  • save long term costs

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