Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for mobile (’mobile AR’) is a means to enhance or augment your real-life surroundings, through the use of a mobile device’s camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and viewer. It enables new ways of thinking, seeing, interacting, engaging and communicating with users. AR provides a live view of a real-world environment where elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs such as informative data, superimposed images and/or virtual reality or 3D experiences. iPhone, iPad and Android users are able to access AR by downloading an App and positioning their device to view an image or objects using their built in camera.

Skills2Learn have pioneered a totally new approach that offers a highly advanced Augmented Reality (AR) solution.

As this technology has developed it has been typically applied into retail environments ‘Virtual Product Visualisation’ to enhance branding, product description and visualisation. We have taken our Virtual Reality skills and expertise and used them to create Advanced AR that enables users not only to visualise, in this case the car, but also interact with it, take it apart, rebuild it, demonstrate the correct process for doing this and understand how all the components relate to each other in the real world.’

We have used our Advanced AR applications to display 3D safety related items and topics, show hazard situations, see through objects, take interactive virtual tours around an objects that provide engineers a unique perspective and provide in context learning and guidance.

Deploying Advanced AR solutions enables organisations to:

  • Visualise content immersively
  • Present supplemental information and added value to the real world
  • Demonstrate new products and features before they are actually available
  • Provide an immersive virtual experience on a mobile platform
  • Deliver post learning support
  • Reduce cost of supplying technical knowledge and guidance
  • Make it easier and more efficient to communicate detailed technological information

Photos of Skills2Learn's Augmented Reality Developments

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Video of Skills2Learn's Augmented Reality Developments