About Skills2Learn

About Skills2Learn

Skills2learn, part of Babcock International Group is an award-winning company that develops e-learning, virtual reality, serious-games and creative multimedia solutions that not only fulfil your needs but take them to an entirely new level.

The foundations of the company have been formed over the last two decades and it’s from this strong base that a group of talented, skilled and like-minded individuals have grown into a team with over 16 years experience.

As a uniquely placed e-learning company we can offer solutions you didn’t think possible. We achieve this by using different technologies, proven learning techniques and adding our own personal touch. Our aim is to develop learning solutions that not only achieve the required results in a positive and engaging manner, but also change user’s perceptions and expectations along the way.

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Our skills in developing e-learning training solutions and game-based environment scenarios using an eclectic range of interactive multimedia has led us to becoming one of the UK’s premier developers. Through partnerships in the educational and business sectors we have also developed our own brand of ready to buy e-learning programmes.

Choosing someone to work with is often a difficult and uncertain process which is why you should find out more about Skills2Learn and see how Skills2Learn do things before making any decision. If you think that we sound like your kind of company then it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Contact Skills2Learn today so we can begin on a journey of transforming your hopes and dreams into a reality.